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Another short I did at the wonderful National Film and Television School again with Scott Flockhart - I seem to recall this was his graduation piece. I'm not in this one very much but it is a very witty, well conceived piece with some superb performances adn that Zombie was ferkin heavy.
Koder - (German for Bait) was a short film I did for teh writer / director Scott Flockhart at the wonderful National Film and Television Scool
Another graduation piece this time for Calum Brennan at Hertfordshire University - a really nice thoughtful piece. Apparently he graduated with a 2:1 adn was gutted not to get a first - and, biased tho' i may be, I agree with him!
What can I say that hasn't already been said on numerous websites across the globe. Directed by the wonderful and quite mad (in a good way - of course), Alex Chandon, Inbred is a fairly standard tale of out of towners go to the countryside and meet some old fashioned country folk who don't take too kindly to strangers............ Yes its' been done before but it hasn't been done anywhere near as well. A deliriously warped, gloriously un-pc frightmare, with equally numerous buckets full of laughs and gore. This is my second film under the direction of young feller me lad Chandon and I hope it is one of many more to come.
Not yet out there, Naked in London may not actually hit the streets or the shelves, which will be a shame as it is a really groovy, stylish, high concept thriller and I get shot in the head by Colin Salmon, but more recently I have been shot in the head by Jo Hartley (in Inbred) Do I detect a pattern emerging? Anyway if it ever makes it to a screen it will definitely be worth a watch, even if only for the cast, Steven Berkoff, Michael Greco, Colin Salmon, Meredith Ostrom, Louise Douillion, Me.......................
My first proper feature film, helmed by Alex Chandon and featuring the lead man of the popular beat combo that is Cradle of Filth, Danii Filth (apparently not his given name but what do I care, my real name is Hogbert Oddfrog). A portmanteau piece, filmed on odds and ends of super 8, 16 and super 16, the concept and script were fantabulous but the quality suffered from a lack of (read complete absence of) funding. It is still a really groovy film adn frequently gets an outing on the Horror Channel adn especially if teh delightful Emily Booth os involved as she was in it, looking as gorgeous as usual. I am dead chuffed to have been a very small part of this film thanx Alex!
Winter of Discontent
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