Please find my credits listed below.

Year Show As Notes
2020 The Gentlemen Aslan senior Miramax
2019 Horseshoes For Hand Grenades Isaac Ward - Blacksmith East Riding Theatre
2019 Wallace gets the News Wallace KristianFitsall Productions
2019 Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy British Officer Konidela Productions, Sarke Studio
2016 Welcome to Buffalo Bill's World of Beauty Buffalo Bill The Amazing World of Molly Brown
2015 Winter Steelworker Ironopolis Media
2015 How to Kill a Dog Arthur Stanbrook, Sgt Tomkins, The Shadow Man P-Rey films
2015 How to Kill a Dog Arthur Stanbrook, Sgt Tomkins, The Shadow Man P-Rey films
2015 Crimewatch Re-enactment Victim BBC Crimewatch
2014 The Power of Dreams Automotive technician 11 Little Films
2014 Bait Col Mitchell Brunt Films
2014 Hinckley's Drop Barman Moor Road Films
2014 The Mothertown Phil Monkfish Production
2013 Six Feet Under Footlocker Venomous Little Man Productions
2013 Ascension Eddie Venomous Little Man Productions
2013 Wounded Chris - Werewolf Task Force leader Juxtor Productions
2011 Inbred Ron New Flesh Films / Split Second Films
2010 A Moment's Memory The Architect LFS
2010 Multi Story The Bouncer FYE Films
2008 Naked in London Roy Wegerley London Film Syndicate
2007 Lionheart Lloyd Middlesex Uni
2005 X Mass The Priest NFTS
2005 A Taste for Politics Joe Public BBC Television
2005 Funk Face Monsieur Bobo Impact Theatre Company
2004 Macbeth Duncan, Lennox, Seward Kitchen Skink
2004 Koder Mr Bartlett NFTS
2003 Waking Up Suddenly Narator Royal Court Young Writers Programme
2003 A Phoenix Too Frequent Tegeus Stage 6
2002 They Will Come Gang boss Bellosco Productions
2002 Femme Fatale Mr Morgan Indifference Productions
2002 Ella Ella's father Alan the Cat Productions
2002 Cradle of Fear Pringle Pragmatic pictures