About me

The Acting Class LCTS 2000

The Shakespeare Class 2003

Additional Information

Coming to acting rather late in life I am by now (in theory at least) a mature individual. Earning a living as (yawn) an IT consultant and having 7 (yes seven) children, I can bring plenty of life experience to a role.

My ambition is to earn my living as an actor and I would consider anything to help me achieve that. (Anything legal anyway!) Spotlight page number is 5068

Born to play Petruchio and Malvolio

Also interested in collaborating with indie production companies to develop my screenplays - treatments on my myspace page http://www.myspace.com/markrathbone

Additional Skills

Horseriding, full car and motorcycle licence, competent dinghy and yacht sailor, strong baritone classical singing voice and a strong rock voice in the manner of Paul Rodgers.

Also very good with animals especially ferrets !?!?! No really.